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24/7 Call Center 

We guarantee that our clients will be served speedily and efficiently with the highest international quality medical assistance.

Hotel and Resort Medical Services

Solomed provides round-the-clock services all over UAE, supported by a dedicated 24/7 Alarm Center.

On-Call Doctors

Our On-Call Doctors are committed to bring patients a world- class and patient- centered healthcare services 24/7 including holiday

Ambulance Transportation


Solomed has partnered with a global alliance of reputable transportation...

First Aid Trainings and Basic Life Support Courses

Our very own Solomed Medical Training Team can provide the training your employees require to be understood different...

Home Physiotherapy Services

Our physiotherapist promotes improvement of quality of life and movement through prevention, intervention (treatment), 

Home Care

Along with our excellent home care services, Solomed eliminates the stress and provide worry- free members...


Solomed adapted a recent development in medical care that uses technology to help save lives in critical care...


About us

Solomed is a healthcare conglomerate owns a group of clinics and pharmacies located across the GCC Region who explore new dynamic healthcare assistance models and introduce pioneering services. We are housing distinguished physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, dentists, dermatologists, emergency physicians, pediatricians, and support staff to deliver the most advanced programs of health management and disease prevention available in the world today. We empower our doctors and staff to take initiative and make impact in everything we do. We provide innovative approaches to improve quality, accessibility, and affordability at the same time using modern technology and methods to achieve optimum long term support patient- centered- care.  Our team has entered into a covenant with our patients, their families, and each other. It is the most important rule we live by—more important than any budget, policy, or protocol. It is simple: do the right thing for the patient no matter what and provide the best possible healthcare journey. 

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Pharmacy with Delivery

As in keeping with our vision of providing a complete, convenient, and speedy service, we have launched our new facility, Solomed Pharmacy. Our pharmacy offers a full range of medicines, including supplementary medication, as well as hygiene products, and daily healthcare products. We have worked on a new brand experience for our dear clients. Medication is just a phone call away! Our pharmacy delivery helps save time, money, and effort. We deliver a wide range of medicines and other medical products with instant and convenient home delivery. The medications will be delivered to the doorsteps anywhere in UAE. 



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